Charl du Plessis

Saturday, 22 February @ 20h00 (Piano)

Cape Consort

Saturday, 15 March @ 20h00 (Vocal)


Saturday, 17 May @ 20h00 (Piano)

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We are one of South Africa's leading chamber music presenters.  Here you will find full details of our forthcoming programmes, artists and booking details.

The Cape Town Concert Series was founded in 1955, under the name of the Cape Town Concert Club, by Hans Kramer, his wife Greta, and businessman Boris Canin, to provide a platform in the Mother City for the finest international artists before the public at that time, artists whose recordings were available at Hans Kramer's famous Home of Music in Long Street, the city's largest (and, at one time, only) retailer of classical recordings. Admission to its performances was by membership only.  Read More

Sponsor a Hammer

Steinway Piano

During 2013 and early 2014, the Cape Town Concert Series' Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano which was originally purchased in 1961, had to undergo necessary repairs in order to keep their piano in pristine condition which every international pianist has commended. This is the second time this instrument has been refurbished.
All the parts necessary for the restoration process was imported directly from the Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany.

The entire action and hammers were replaced and work done on the case was completed at the same time. The original ivory on the keyboard is still intact and was rebuffed to make it look absolutely beautiful.
As with all new pianos, the new hammers need to be voiced expertly. This can only professionally be done on a Steinway by a technician who has been trained by Steinway & Sons.

Ian Burgess-Simpson and six other of his technicians have all been trained at the Steinway & Sons Factory in Germany on how to perform this, one of many, very important tasks.

The castors (leg wheels) were replaced as well as extensive trap work on the piano pedals was undertaken.  Each of the piano keys were re-weighed and evenly distributed.  The current replacement value of this piano is R2.3 million. The complete restoration process took four months to complete. 

To sponsor a single hammer:  R2 500
To sponsor a triad of 3 hammers:   R6 500
To sponsor a chord of 5 hammers:   R10 000

To make a donation please send payment to:
The Kramer Concert Series Jubilee Trust
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 05 10 01
Account Number: 07 711 768 9

Kindly contact us for more details.

Upcoming Concerts in 2014

15 March

Cape Consort

Cape Consort
(Vocal Ensemble)

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26 April

James Grace & Saudiq Khan

TwoPianists - Nina Schumann & Luis Magalhães (Piano)

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17 May

James Grace & Saudiq Khan

James Grace & Saudiq Khan
(Classical & Flamenco Guitar)

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